USDI—Corrosion Services can assist your company in completing the ECDA process on Transmission, Distribution, and Non- Jurisdictional Pipelines


From start to finish USDI—Corrosion Services can complete every aspect of the ECDA process.


  • USDI—Corrosion Services engineers can assist in identifying High Consequence Areas
  • Determining the feasibility of completing ECDA on these sections of pipeline
  • Assist in selecting the most appropriate and cost efficient inspection tool


Indirect Inspection

USDI—Corrosion Services performs the following indirect inspection services.

  • Close Interval Survey
  • Direct Current Voltage Gradient Survey
  • Alternating Current Voltage Gradient Survey
  • Current Mapping

Our engineers can also assist with In-Line Inspection by overseeing the pigging process and analyzing inspection data to recommend needed direct examinations or repairs.


Direct Examination

USDI—Corrosion Services staffs qualified operators, inspectors, welders, and coatings applicators to inspect and repair any defects found during the direct examination of the pipeline.


Post Assessment

USDI—Corrosion Services provides in depth reports and recommendations for future ECDA inspections.