Full-Spectrum Natural Gas Solutions

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Full-Spectrum Natural Gas Solutions

USDI is your full-service natural gas partner—whether you operate a utility, pipeline or master meter system. We can oversee management and operations, support your in-house team or help you respond to emergencies. Discover why more than 500 customers across the Midwest have trusted our expertise since 1969. Learn more about our services below.



Sometimes you don’t need full-service support—just advice or expertise in a specific area.



Natural gas system design and specification is our specialty at USDI.



Count on USDI for quality, affordable construction services aligned with your specifications.



If you need someone to take on the operator of record role, look no further than USDI.



Trucks and Trailers with Closed Loop and Metered Delivery Systems, delivered by Qualified Gas Professionals

USDI – Section 114 Compliance!

The PIPES Act of 2020 requires operators to minimize methane emissions.  Large releases of methane due to pipeline blowdowns to atmosphere are preventable through flaring or cross compression.  USDI has mobile equipment available to come to your site and safely compress or flare the gas.  Our units measure the gas that is flared so you know the volume of methane prevented from entering the atmosphere.  This results in compliance with the law and a benefit to our environment. Checkout an example for a recent project showcasing what we can do!  Contact Michael Weiler at 618-392-5502 (mweiler@usdi.us) to discuss or receive a quote.

USDI is your complete Odorization Solution!


USDI stocks Chevron Phillips S-20, E, and H-85 Odorant Blends at several locations in the Midwest.  With bulk deliveries, specialized equipment, OQ qualified delivery personnel, and experience and expertise in odorizer maintenance, USDI is your complete Odorization Solution!  Find out more about it here, on our Services section.

An ESRI GIS Based Compliance Tool Set for Natural Gas Utilities by USDI

What can 192.GIS do for you?

Need Landfill Gas, Bio-Gas Or Other Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Pipeline Services?

USDI supports many owners and producers of RNG through successful design and operation of their RNG pipelines, from the plant to the end user.  Whether the end user be another pipeline, local gas distribution system, or a private customer, USDI can provide a tailored solution to fit your budget.

USDI is the leading provider of jurisdictional RNG pipeline design, operation and maintenance services across much of the United States.  We currently work with nearly thirty (30) RNG pipeline facilities across Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas and Indiana.  Many of these pipelines carry unprocessed landfill gas, however, there are several that process, clean, and compress the gas to pipeline quality.  USDI also works with pipelines that move RNG created from sources other than landfills, such as methane from animal waste and anaerobic digestion of grass or other stock.  USDI is your full service RNG resource.  Our teams of registered professional engineers and technicians can provide design, inspection, construction, and complete operation of your pipeline(s).  If you need assistance on the production side of the pipeline, USDI has successfully partnered with several experts in the production field and can work with you to find an appropriate solution.

For more information contact Anthony Everette at 660-947-3316 (aeverette@usdi.us) or Jason Brangers at 502-819-1338 (jason@usdi.us).

USDI is excited to announce that we have partnered with Energy WorldNet to bring our clients an enhanced OQ experience.

What does this mean for our clients?

♦ Better Content

» The computer-based learning and tests are easier to use and customized to our clients and their systems.

» USDI will be adding/modifying content to better match our clients procedures.

♦ Easier System Navigation

» Clear navigation through courses and content.

♦ Mobile Account Access

» Site available across all mobile platforms.  Ability to access qualifications by simply scanning a QR code on a phone at any time.

♦ Enhanced Record Keeping Capabilities and Notifications

» Easily access records anywhere at anytime

» Computer-based training and testing records AND field evaluation records available on the same site.

» The USDI/EWN system will notify clients before qualifications expire.

» The system will have the capability of hosting and tracking other    training/testing that is required.  (Example: O and M and Emergency Procedure Reviews)

♦ More Prepared to Meet Proposed New Federal OQ Rules.

Want to learn more? Contact Courtney (courtney@usdi.us) at USDI to discuss today!

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