USDI  – Corrosion Services has NACE certified professionals capable of assisting with all of your cathodic protection needs.

Cathodic Protection Surveys

  • USDI—Corrosion Services’ NACE certified professionals have experience in completing surveys and troubleshooting deficiencies on pipelines and tanks with both impressed current and sacrificial anode systems.

Cathodic Protection System Design

USDI—Corrosion Services’ engineers have extensive experience in the design of cathodic protection systems on multiple structure types.

  • Transmission Pipelines
  • Distribution Piping
  • Electrical Peaking Plant Piping
  • Industrial Plant Piping
  • Underground Storage Tanks

Cathodic Protection System Testing

USDI can perform the following testing along your pipeline

  • Close Interval Survey
  • Direct Current Voltage Gradient Survey
  • Alternating Current Voltage Gradient Survey
  • Current Mapping
  • Current Requirement Testing
  • Soil Resistivity Testing