Southern Illinois Power Cooperative

Since start-up, USDI has diligently maintained and operated our pipeline and equipment in accordance with ever-evolving safety codes. We’re very pleased with their ability to meet all our operations and maintenance needs.

Project overview

When SIPC began work on a 5.5-mile-long pipeline, the member-owned electric power supply cooperative asked USDI to prepare both an operator qualification plan and an operations, maintenance and emergency manual. When construction was finished in 2002, we became the operator of record—and continue to ensure the pipeline operates in accordance with all federal and state regulations.


Runs between the Trunkline Pipeline & the SIPC Combustion Turbine Plant at Lake of Egypt, Illinois

Key pipeline stats

  • 12” diameter, epoxy-coated steel
  • Maximum allowable operating pressure of 900 psig
  • Pressure reduction & overpressure protection facilities
  • Line heater
  • Cathodic protection system: magnesium anodes

Ongoing USDI services

  • Leak & cathodic protection surveys
  • Key component inspection & maintenance
  • Pipeline patrols & continuing surveillance
  • Emergency response
  • Line locating
  • Public awareness & liaison services
  • Annual report submissions & document upkeep
  • Participation at state safety & field audits