Paducah Power System

USDI’s expertise and service has given us so much confidence that we never worry about the pipeline, even though this is our first experience with natural gas.

— Rick Windhorst, Director of Engineering & Operations

Project overview

Before taking on responsibility as operator of record for this 16-mile-long pipeline in 2010, USDI played a key role in start-up activities. We delivered an operator qualification plan and an operations, maintenance and emergency manual. We also prepared an integrity management plan after conducting a survey to identify high consequence areas. Finally, we managed start-up and troubleshooting of both the odorization equipment and the cathodic protection system—verifying that all solid state devices for the ground-bed rectifier located at the termination of the pipeline were functional.


Runs between Calvert City &  Paducah, Kentucky

Key pipeline stats

  • 12” diameter, epoxy-coated steel
  • Maximum allowable operating pressure of 552 psig
  • 11 inline underground valves
  • Pressure reduction & overpressure protection facilities
  • Odorization & line heater at start

Ongoing USDI services

  • Leak & cathodic protection surveys
  • Key component inspection & maintenance
  • Odorization intensity checks & equipment maintenance
  • Pipeline patrols & continuing surveillance
  • Emergency response
  • Line locating
  • Public awareness & liaison services
  • Annual report submissions & document upkeep
  • Participation at state safety & field audits