Duke Energy

Natural Gas Peaker Plant Piping

External Corrosion Direct Assessment


Project Overview

In 2016, Duke Energy contracted USDI to perform External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) on natural gas plant piping at six natural gas peaker plant location in Indiana and Ohio. Close Interval Survey (CIS), Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) Survey, and Alternating Current Voltage Gradient (ACVG) Survey were all used in determining the location of coating holidays on in-plat piping. Due to the overcrowding of underground utilities and grounding systems multiple tools were used during the indirect inspections. During the surveys fifteen total anomalies were found, a total of 13 direct inspection digs were completed and coating defects were discovered at all 13 inspection locations. Coating repairs were completed by USDI personnel.


Noblesville, IN

Cayuga, IN – Two Plant Sites

Henry County, IN

Trenton, OH – Two Plant Sites

Key Pipeline Stats

  • 6” – 16” Diameter Piping
  • Various Coatings – FBE, X-Tru Coat, Mill Wrapped
  •  Galvanic and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems