USDI—Corrosion Services’ NACE certified professionals have extensive experience in design, installation, and maintenance of galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection systems. Along with the ability to complete every aspect of the ECDA process with qualified USDI personnel. USDI—Corrosion Services can also assist with the completion of In-Line Inspection by overseeing the ILI project and interpreting inspection reports to recommend dig site locations.

Cathodic Protection Services

ECDA Services


NACE Certified CP3 and CP4 Professional Engineers with years of experience in the design of galvanic and ICCP systems.


  • Transmission Pipelines
  • Distribution Piping
  • Electrical Peaking Plant Piping
  • Industrial Plant Piping
  • Underground Storage Tanks



USDI personnel are operator qualified and capable of installing cathodic protection system as well as AC Mitigation equipment.


  • Anode Installation
  • Rectifier Installation
  • Conventional Groundbed Installation
  • AC Mitigation Installation
  • Bond & Test Station   Installation



Testing and maintenance for galvanic and impressed current systems performed by operator qualified/NACE certified personnel.


  • Cathodic Protection    Surveys
  • Rectifier Testing and Maintenance
  • Cathodic Short Locating


From start to finish USDI—Corrosion Services can complete aspect of the ECDA process.


  • Pre-Assessment
  • Indirect Inspection
  • Direct Examination
  • Post Assessment


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